Dr. Boucher's Team
at your Service!#

Our mission#

For several years, the clinic has focused its practice on performing a no-scalpel vasectomy. Our mission: to make vasectomy accessible to everyone. Vasectomy is an effective alternative to female contraception and condom use.

A dedicated team#

Our team is made up of Dr. Pierre Jr. Boucher, who has practiced medicine for nearly 30 years, and experienced nurses. We make sure to offer you unparalleled and fast service.

An established clinic#

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, the clinic has been established since 1995 and is easily accessible by car.


A doctoral graduate at the University of Montreal, Dr Boucher completed his training in family medicine at McGill University. His medical career began in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1992. He participated, under the aegis of the United Nations, in two missions abroad: in Bosnia (1993) and in Rwanda (1994). As soon as he returned, Dr. Boucher joined the team at the Centre hospitalier St-Mary de Montréal as an associate professor in emergency, family medicine and intensive care. Subsequently, he joined the Pierre-Boucher hospital, the emergency department and hospitalization.

At the same time, he inaugurated his family medicine practice in Ste-Julie.