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Renewal of medical certification for Transports Canada?

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Medical examination for Transports Canada

We are accredited by Transports Canada to perform the Civil Aviation Medical Examination and the MArine Medical Examination for anyone requiring a certificate of fitness.

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Dr. Boucher civil aeronautical medical examiner (CAME) and Marine examiner (MME)

It was in 2010 that Dr. Boucher obtained his license to practice as a civil aeronautical medical examiner from Transport Canada. Since that time, he has been authorized to undergo all the medical tests required to obtain the Medical Certificate of all categories, both for an initial medical examination and for renewals.

Dr. Boucher trained in Aerospace Medicine at the Military and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine in Toronto in 1994. During his studies, he was the recipient of the Captain David L. Pagnuci award for the most promising candidate in aerospace medicine. .

In 1994-1995, he held the position of Flight Surgeon at 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at CFB Valcartier, Qc. From 1999 to 2001, he was a medical advisor for Air Canada.

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Offered services

A simple pricing structure that suits your situation. We offer the full range of services at the clinic, including on-site ECG and audiogram testing.


Civil Aviation Examinations –
Categories 1 to 4
Navy reviews


Navy reviews





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Civil Aviation: To obtain an appointment, you must complete all the PDF form.

Navy: To get an appointment, you must call us directly at the 450-468-2946.

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Preparing for the appointment

In order to be ready for your appointment, please read the information below.

Eye exam

Please provide us with a copy of your last eye exam. In addition, you must have your glasses in your possession, if you need some.

Medication list

You should ask the pharmacy for a full list of the medications you are currently taking, and bring it to your appointment.


If an ECG is needed, you should shave your chest.

Urine sample

A urine sample will be requested upon arrival. Therefore, plan to have a full bladder.

Documents to bring

Civil Aviation: If this is an initial exam, bring photo ID. If this is a renewal, bring your previous medical certificate or your blue notebook.

Navy: Have your CDN number and photo ID ready. If this is a renewal, you must also bring your latest medical certificate.

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Schedule of the appointment

Your appointment will be divided into two stages. First, you will have a meeting with the nurse, then you will meet Dr. Boucher.

Meeting with the nurse

The nurse will carry out the first part of your examination with the taking of vital signs, the urinalysis, the examination of the sight, the hearing and an ECG if necessary.

Meeting with Dr. Boucher

Once the nurse has completed your physical exam, you will meet with Dr. Boucher to complete the second part of the medical exam. When completed, if your state of health allows it, Dr. Boucher will renew your medical certificate or issue you a temporary certificate (fees may apply).

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